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On-Demand Dynamics Administration and Support

As a smaller business, you are committed to directing your budget towards the areas in which it is most effective. This may mean you concentrate on marketing and sales, for example, and your day to day customer application administration may be lacking.

You’re not alone, and rest assured there is a solution: PowerDyn Solutions can offer you a full administrative support plan for your existing Dynamics environment and you don’t have to be an existing customer of ours to take advantage. If you are already a customer, we can provide full support on an equal level allowing for you to put your time into development projects.

Estimated Hours and Rates

We work as follows: the client tells us at PowerDyn the approximate number of hours per month that they will require from us. This can be a minimum of 5 hours, and increases in 5-hour increments to a maximum of 50 hours per month. So, if you think you'll only need a couple of hours a week admin support from us, you ask us for 10 hours, and you and your team are covered for the month!

How much will it cost?

Our standard rate for this admin support is $100 per purchased hour.  So if you estimate needing 10 hours a month, you'll receive 10 hours of professional, expert Dynamics support for $1000.  Compare that to the cost of trying to hire a full-time Dynamics expert (if you can find them!) to support and administer your environment, and you’ll see it is a no brainer.

Your hours can be used for any form of administrative or user support such as adding users to the system, helping users learn how to use it, and basic daily administration. They can also be used for customizations such as producing Dynamics 365 reports, adding and modifying fields in reports, and modifying forms and views – anything, in fact, including custom code development is included.

If your team needs web-based training we at PowerDyn can also provide this as part of your hours, and all you need to do is schedule a date in advance.

Additional Services

When you choose your required hours we take payment at the beginning of the month. We are always available for additional hours should you need them at our standard developer rates..

Should you require emergency services – and by this, we mean critical issues such as downtime that needs immediate attention – we can be there in double-quick time. Emergency rates are at twice the rate, but as you have already engaged PowerDyn for regular support, this is unlikely to be necessary.

Our standard services can be provided during the hours of 8.00 to 6.00 EST. 

If this sounds like a cost-effective method of keeping your admin up to date, get in touch with the PowerDyn team right now, and take advantage of our free 30 minute initial consultation that is available for all potential new clients.

Learn More!

Call 50-PowerDyn to speak to one of our consultants about our support options and how they can benefit your business

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