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Why Choose PowerDyn?

At PowerDyn we have extensive experience in the implementation of Dynamics 365, and also provide support to a range of clients who use it and other platforms in which we have similar expertise. We have been working with Dynamics 365 since 2003, beginning with the initial version of Dynamics, and through all its iterations up to the present version, Dynamics 365. It is a product that we have kept up to date with throughout, and one we know intimately as a result.

We will not only oversee the implementation of Dynamics 365 onto your system, including making sure that any information that needs to migrate from your old systems is dealt with, and that you have the system set up for the correct usage and accessibility for your requirements, but we can arrange for after-sales support.

We will also make sure that your team are trained in the use of the system, and offer training packages at various always affordable rates. There is a lot to consider whether you are beginning from scratch with your CRM or you are upgrading from an outdated solution to the modern, up to date and very efficient Dynamics 365, and having us on board to help you through the early stages, and beyond, is certainly something to consider.

If you’re interested in Dynamics 365 and how PowerDyn can help, get in touch with us right now and one of our team will answer any questions you may have and see how best to move forward.

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