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Dynamics Virtual Expert

Finding a Dynamics Expert can be a daunting task

The Dynamics Power Platform is a powerful suite of applications that can enhance and automate your business processes with a big challenge, finding experts capable of leveraging all of the capabilities into a solution that increases your business efficiency and gives you an edge over the competition.  Finding someone with all of the necessary skills in a constantly changing field can be a challenging and expensive task and as a smaller business the ability to pay the high salaries demanded by experts with all of the necessary skills may be financially out of reach. 

The Virtual Dynamics Expert Solution

PowerDyn has a solution, something we call the virtual Dynamics Expert.  Our virtual expert works as a member of your team and works for a per-determined number of hours each week.  They can attend meetings, provide administrative support, training, and development including PowerBI, PowerAutomate and customized code including plugins and custom workflows.  Our expert can guide your team on your current processes and provide guidance on how to improve your system and be readily available when needed

A single point of Contact with the Power of a Team

While your company will be working directly with your Virtual Expert, our virtual expert will not be alone and will have access to a team of experts with decades of experience in the Dynamics platform.  This means that any request can be readily handled by your expert by leveraging our team of talented individuals that have experience in even the most complex of business requests.  Custom code, integrations with third party software and customized workflows that can streamline your business processes are our bread and butter and chances are whatever you are looking to achieve, we have done it previously.  Additionally, we have been working on the Power Framework, our existing set of code and customizations for years and many of the complex requests we receive have already been addressed and it is a simple matter of configuration to implement instead of development, saving you time and money.

Save Money

Our virtual Dynamics Expert services typically cost around 20% less then our project development services.  Additionally, you don't have the overhead of paying a recruiter to find the expert you need saving you thousands in recruiting fees.

Find out more

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