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Fixing Dynamics Control Length Is...

Rats! Darn you character limit!

How many times has that happened to you inside of Dynamics CRM? You have a wonderful question to ask on your form? Or you have detailed instructions explaining that complex question so much better, but... that darn 50-character limit! To be fair, the character limit does make sense for views, but on a form - not so much.

So, what does a CRM Admin do? Good question and luckily you have come to the right place to find out. Recently as part of a series we are doing here at we are releasing a set of free controls that we have found to be helpful in our day-to-day use of CRM for both us and our clients.


We have several controls that give you freedom to add custom labels for different scenarios. In this article, we will be discussing PowerDynCustomLabelPCF control. This control allows you to write a statement for your label or even an epic novel - watch out George R. R. Martin!

To get started simply head of to either the PCF gallery or click on the link above to go to our GIT Repo. From there download the control and now you have a few options.

  1. If you wish to just install it now and get up and running, then simply navigate to the Solutions folder and either choice to install the Un-managed or Managed Solution. I can hear you saying "Choices! You never mentioned choices!" How do I know which to use? Why are there even two options?" No worries, we have it all explained in the file

  2. Or you can customize the code as you need and build/compile it yourself (once again - explained in the file.

Now you are ready to add to your Dynamics environment and configure for use!

  1. Navigate to your CRM environment and click on Settings (you must be a system administrator). (See Fig 1).

  2. Click on Solutions and Import

  3. Browse to the location of the solution folder and pick the appropriate zip file and click upload and publish. Now you can add to any form!

  4. Open up a form for any table (entity).

  5. Click on any text input field (example: First Name on Contact).

  6. Click Add Control and scroll down to PowerDynCustomLabel, click add.

  7. On the Field Properties, click the radio buttons for all options you wish to have this control work - Web, Phone, Tablet. We suggest all three (see Fig 2).

  8. Then click on the pencil icon for the Custom Label Text and enter your text. Remember, this control supports basic HTML markup. You can use <b>This is a bold statement</b> for example to mark something as bold.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click Save, Publish. Finally, you are ready to see the fruits of your labor! But remember - browser caching can cause you some headaches. But we have a simple fix for that (hard refresh)! Take that caching issues! Just navigate to your form and press the following buttons together in the sequence listed - CTRL F5 (for Windows users). Cmd R (for Mac users).

That's it! Get out there and write those amazing labels! Tell the users the full story you were yearning to say or explain that complex form in all the details you want! So many choices - enjoy!

Fig 1.

Fig 2.


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